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We can cut or prune any tree. Then we'll remove all the debris when we are done.

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We have all the equipment needed to handle the job. We can cut and remove trees, chip trees and limbs and more

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We are professional, experienced and will complete your tree work at an affordable price.

We are a Professional Tree Service Company

Brennan Tree Service takes pride in all our work.
We always provide excellent service at an affordable price.

Should I trim or remove the trees?

We'll evaluate your trees and help you decide on the right choice.

"Dead trees pose a safety risk, especially during high winds and severe storms, and removing dead trees involves a financial burden, whereas the presence of healthy trees can clean the air and increase property values."

Tree Removal Wiki

"Branches die off for a number of reasons including light deficiency, pest and disease damage, and root structure damage. A dead branch will at some point decay back to the parent stem and fall off. Deadwooding is carried out for safety in areas that overhang public areas."

Pruning Wiki
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